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Inaugural Post-Ask Iris/Grief Navigation

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Hello, old friends and new readers. I'm glad you stopped by. You have landed at the very first post of this blog, Ask Iris/Grief Navigation. Since this blog is such a new addition to the web site, please do bear with me for a bit, while it finds its rhythm.

I am dedicated to aiding you as you navigate this lifelong and complex journey of grief and as you learn to live a full life, in spite of it.

You are the captain of your journey. Your personal journey is, and will continue to be unique.

However, I have learned that lots of our struggles are similar, even though we are all different. We can learn so much from each other.

I understand all-too-well, the path of widowhood. I once walked in the sneakers and the high heels of widowhood myself.

This blog won't be just like the majority of them. There won't be a lot of articles on different topics. At least that's not how I conceive of it at this time. Everything here will have to do with widowed women of all ages and stages. This will be a kind of a hybrid space where you, my community, and others who are getting to know me, will find discussions on things that I know from my experience, are of concern to widows and to those who care about them.

The Widows Coach is actually part of my coaching practice, Vision Powered Coaching. I also have another blog. Life's Changing Seasons, on my web site for Vision Powered Coaching

On that blog, you will find lots of reading material on a variety of subjects that I help people with, or that are important to me, and I think, to my subscribers. I hope you will find some time to check it out once you have read through this web site. (Wait, please don't leave this page just yet!)

You will have an opportunity to message me with your questions, issues and concerns that you would like to see discussed here. I will offer my insights and feedback and my two-cents, or sometimes even my ten-cents worth, based on my experience. It will be very loosely an "advice" and coaching area aimed specifically at the group of people for whom this web site was created. It will be in a question and answer format. (I will post the questions or topics you send to me. You won't have to do a thing except to read and reflect.)

Perhaps you wonder why the word "advice" is in quotes. The reason is that I am a trained and credentialed coach and coaches do not usually give advice. We help our clients figure out the solutions they need and want, but we surely don't dictate to them what to do. Since this is not a live, interactive space, I can't adhere rigidly to coaching definitions, but I'm not a rigid sort of person anyway. Just know that I will try to feature topics that I think will resonate with many of my readers, but any actions you choose to take as a result of anything you find here, is, of course, your choice and responsibility.

Coaches create safe spaces for clients to come up with their own answers and solutions. We facilitate greater awareness of behaviors and thinking patterns, so people can then set some goals for the changes they want to see materialize in their lives and implement plans to help reach their goals. I love helping my clients find and build tools together so they can do that.

In the case of many new widows, it's often just a way to feel better in spite of grief that people are hoping for. In other cases, widows may be ready for a whole overhaul and redesign of how they are living.

To get your questions or topics responded to here at Ask Iris/Grief Navigation, you may write me at Try to remember to put Ask Iris in the subject line. I won't respond directly. You'll need to visit here often (Please do subscribe) to find what you and others have asked of me and to see my replies. Of course, I won't be able to use every single question or topic you send, but am hoping to cover a whole range of issues that are important to most widowed women.

You won't agree with everything I say or think. That's what makes life interesting. I hope you'll find some useful takeaways and maybe in some cases, have a good healthy cry or a good laugh from what you read here. You, rather than I, will actually determine the content here.

So that's about it for now. If you want to know more about working with me, go back to the Home Page, read the rest of the info on the site, and check out Vision Powered Coaching too. I hope you'll continue to be part of my community.

Let's hear from you!

. (By the way, I have a free group for widows on Facebook that you're welcome to join. Find it on the Contact page of this site.) The name has changed slightly very recently, but the link will take you to the place where you can ask to join. It is now called, Grief Hope & Help 4 Widows

I often run more intensive small, reasonably priced groups via Zoom, and of course, offer private coaching. Head back to the Home Page to schedule your no-obligation appointment to speak with me to learn more.

Please come back here soon and do tell other widows about this site and how they can submit topics and questions to me.

If you want more info, please also visit my main site, Vision Powered Coaching (This is the actual name of my business.)


Coach Iris

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