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About Iris

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I am a seasoned professional with a long history of survival, of overcoming, of wrestling with sorrow, of losing and finding hope and faith, and of reinventing my life. 


I am all-too familiar with personal loss. I have lost many loved ones and dear friends, as well as having been widowed young. I have been a caregiver to various family members. I have seen some of my dreams evaporate. I have seen new dreams take shape and blossom.


I started Vision Powered Coaching after thirty years in the social services field as a helping professional and adoption agency director. I am a trained Life and Loss Transformation/ Life Reinvention Coach, credentialed through the International Coach Federation.  

Though I have worked with hundreds during my coaching career of more than a decade, nothing fills my heart like helping widowed women. I am here for you.


I am all about building relationships and trust. Just ask my coaching clients and the families I worked with during my previous long career. Reviews and comments about me over decades, have consistently said how much I care about my clients and care about their success and well-being.

In addition to being a professional life coach, I am a mom, grandmother, author/poet and Scottish Terrier lover. Our dear Scottie Emily recently passed away, but I am currently owned by Scottie boy, Elijah and by a new love, Priscilla, the Sealyham Terrier.

My Story

I am so very thankful I didn’t know what the future would bring when I was a young wife, and a young mother. Little did I know I would be left a widow with three kids. 

I have so much to be thankful for! I may have lost a lot, but I have gained so much too.

My Style

Every coach is unique, just as you are. It’s important that you choose someone you can grow to trust, and whose style feels comfortable for you. 


My style is one of warmth, kindness and empathy. While I am creative and imaginative, I am also quite down-to-earth and practical. I will bring creativity to our coaching, if you are open to it.  


I have been described as “tough but tender”. That may sound contradictory to you, but I think it’s pretty accurate.


I will be gentle with you when you need gentling and I will also challenge and encourage you, as we look for clarity and for the solutions that will help you. 

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