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Let's find sunlight together as you create your new path.

I help widows at any age or stage reconnect to hope.

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Meet Iris

I was once a young widow, not believing there was any hope to feel better and lead a good life.

I felt devastated, alone, overwhelmed, angry and heartbroken. I had so many conflicting emotions every day, I didn’t know who I was anymore, or how to take care of the people and things I needed to. I felt my grief in every part of my body. Do you ever feel that way?.

I understand widowhood because of my personal experience, my training and all of the people I have worked with as private clients, or as members of widows groups I have run. 


I know in my heart and in my head, that you can find new purpose and peace, even after pain and trauma.


There will be sunlight again, if you work at letting it in.  I want to help you figure out the best way to do that. It won’t be my way, or anybody else’s way. It will be yours.


In me, you'll  find a compassionate and skilled partner to assist you in exploring the fears, expectations, pressures and obstacles of your unique grief journey. No judgment. Then we will work together to discover what’s next for you.

Come have a brief complimentary conversation with me very soon to chat about what you need.

Iris Arenson-Fuller, PCC, CPC


Life & Loss Transformation/Life Reinvention Coach,

Owner of Vision Powered Coaching.

Let's talk

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What to Expect On the 

Free Hope & Help Info Call.

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schedule a Free Hope & Help Info Call.
Coach Iris will contact you soon. 

During this call, I will explain about coaching and listen to where you are and what you feel you need. I will ask you some questions too, because I want to do my best to help you get the most value from our potential coaching relationship. Not everyone is a good candidate for coaching and perhaps coaching really isn’t the right type of help for you. 


If it doesn’t seem like coaching is right for you, I may be able to make some suggestions or even referrals. It may also be possible that we’re just not a good fit. That’s ok too. It is crucial that we feel we’ll be able to form a good partnership to work together on your behalf.


Please don’t be afraid to set up your complimentary appointment. There won’t be any big sales pitch. I promise. We’ll have a friendly conversation and hopefully, will both learn some things about each other. I’m happy to answer as many of your questions as I can.


If you want to go further, we will discuss finances and you can decide if you are ready and able to make the investment in yourself at that time.


I like “meeting” new people and I love it when I am told that someone has come out of our initial conversation with hope and excitement. I hear that from people a lot.


I very much look forward to hearing from you.

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What people say

"I am a widow who searched for a way to communicate and share with others. I met Iris through a group she runs for widows, and we worked together and began sharing experience and stories to work through our grief.  I have found by sharing and being with other widows, this has helped me greatly. Thankful for Iris and her vision to help others!"


Lauren Knutson

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